Bear Lightly Shaded Golden Persian

Name: Bear
Breed: Persian
Color: Lightly Shaded Golden
Gender: Male
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 7lbs


Meet Bear! This darling baby boy has enough hair for three kitties, he is like one big PURRING POOF-BALL!!  If his cuteness overload isn’t enough to make you swoon, his perfect personality is sure you win you over. Bear has an amazing zest for life and makes friends everywhere he goes. From snuggles and cuddles with his human friends to playing games with his furry companions, Bear enjoys it all. His angelic baby doll face begs to say…”pick me up!”  He is such a joy to spend time with because he loves you with all his heart and you feel that essence in his presence. If you are too busy to pet him, he will pet you with his tail!! **haha**