Milo Chinchilla Golden & White Persian

Name: Milo
Breed: Persian
Color: Chinchilla Golden & White
Gender: Male
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 7lbs


Say hello to our sweet little Milo! He is one of the most tenderhearted little kittens in the nursery currently. He paws at your legs for you to pick him up when he wants some cuddle time and will tilt his little head when you speak to him, he has got to be one of the sweetest little things this side of Heaven. Check out his adorable little koala bear ears, too cute! He has a high white body with beautiful patches of golden throughout. He has a very silky coat that is super easy to brush through. Milo will have beautiful green eyes as an adult. He plays well with all the other kitty’s in the nursery but can also keep himself entertained with toys or bird watching. Someone is going to get an awesome little kitty here.