Twilight Chinchilla Golden & White Persian

Name: Twilight
Breed: Persian
Color: Chinchilla Golden & White
Gender: Male
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 7lbs


Say hello to our adorable little Twilight! He likes to melt your heart by tilting his head and using his sad puppy dog eyes and cute little “mew” so you will bend down and pick him up. This extremely social little guy not only gets an A+ in the personality department, but he also scores high rankings in the cool cat category. He wears a bright white bib, booties and undercoat then features the coolest and silvery body, head and mask! So super unique! It’s like he started to be golden but then changed his mind and decided to turn silver!!! Oh, these kitties this year have really done some amazing things with their coats! It is kind of hard to say for sure at this tender age but we think he will have either green or aqua eyes. If Twilight looks like the missing piece of the puzzle to complete your heart, apply for him below.