Wafer Lightly Shaded Silver Persian

Name: Wafer
Breed: Persian
Color: Lightly Shaded Silver
Gender: Male
Size: The Maximum Expected Adult Weight Is 7lbs


Little Wafer is excited to meet you! Check out his darling markings around his eyes. If we didn’t know better we would think that there was a little raccoon in his family tree! His darker tabby markings create the perfect harmony against his glittery silver undercoat. He reminds us of several of the cutest woodland creatures rolled into one. Hypnotizing glinting doe eyes that are the prettiest shade of olive, a sweet baby bear face with its black button nose, and a pattern coat that would make anyone jealous. They don’t get better than Little Wafer!  He is quite the inquisitive one, the world is full of wonders and things to explore. He can easily entertain himself with some kitty toys, pawing at them and showing off for you. On cozy nights at home he will sit and keep you company all night long. The delicate tufts of hair and flowing whiskers will tickle your face as he kneads his paws on your chest, making the perfect nest in your hair to fall asleep on.