Terms & Conditions

TermPurchasing Privileges & Terms By purchasing/placing money on a kitten, you the buyer understand that no refunds will be given if you change your mind. A partial (50%) refund will be given only after a kitten has been resold. No refunds will be issued if you change your mind. Placing a security deposit is the ONLY way to hold/secure a kitten. All deposits are taken in good faith and are non-refundable unless we refuse or cancel the sale. Please feel free to send us an email or call us directly, we will be more than happy to assist you in finding the kitten or kittens of your dreams! Emails with sparse information or inquiries about pricing information will not be responded to. You come to us wishing to own one of our beautiful kittens; please be prepared to put forth maximum effort when contacting us. Pricing information and updated photographs can be found on our website. We reserve the right to refuse sale. Purchasing privileges are NOT granted to just anyone with the financial means to purchase them. We require a detailed kitten application to be filled out prior to considering your home for one of our kittens. On average, 30% of the kitten applications are not approved to purchase one of our kittens. We view our kittens as family members and take our responsibility of placing them in the absolute best forever homes we can possibly select, very seriously. Rude, demanding, hateful or disrespectful parties need not apply for one of our kittens. Should we decide at any time to cancel a kitten sale, 100% of all monies paid will be refunded to the buyer within 30 days from the time of cancellation. Please be advised, our Internet providers do not always accept free service and temporary e-mail addresses such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. Please keep this in mind if you are not getting a response from us and using one of these free service e-mail addresses. Basic shipping package is $500 for kittens. This package consists of a small size crate, kitty’s airfare, health certificate, rabies tag and certificate (if old enough) and nursery baby blanket. Kittens MUST be 2 pounds in weight before leaving our nursery. This is to ensure they will make smooth transitions into their new forever homes. The VIP deluxe upgraded shipping package is $600. The VIP Shipping package consists of a larger crate, so kitty has more room to walk around, a soft fuzzy bed to snuggle down into, complimentary catnip toys and a special shipping cup to hold water. This special cup has a built in lip to prevent water from splashing all over the carrier. The nursery baby blanket (with the smell of mama and other nursery mates) comes with either the VIP deluxe or basic shipping package. Unplanned/expedited shipping is $1000. This rush package is available for kittens that are old enough to leave only (usually between 12-14 weeks of age). This price includes the airfare, airline-approved pet carrier, health certificate and rabies tag & vaccination. Be cautious about people only wanting to conduct business through text messages. This is the preferred method for online scammers. Please be advised: Kittens are given cattery identification collars after their first photo session. Long haired kittens and collars do not go well together. These collars can cause mats, tangles, and snarls around their necks. Your kitten may arrive with some missing or thinned hair around their neck. This is not a serious concern, and the hair will grow back without the presence of a collar around their neck. We do not offer cell phone pictures or “quick pics” under any condition. Our website photos are always current and will only be updated if a kitten has changed significantly since the original photos were taken. Prices are subject to change without notice. The only way to lock in the current price is by placing a deposit or paying in full. For those of you wondering “Why” are some of the kittens marked so high? That is because THOSE are the ones we are most willing to keep back for future breeders if they do not bring their asking price. Teacup sized Persians are 4-8 pounds. Toy sized Persians are 8-10 pounds. No person can guarantee the future. We do not guarantee in any fashion adult eye color, adult weight or adult fur/coat color when selling our baby kittens. Prices: Our kittens are priced on three contributing factors: 1.) Color 2.) Facial Structure 3.) Our willingness to keep them back as a future breeder. For those of you in search of “Cheap Persian Kittens,” we suggest you try your local humane society or animal shelter. Raising top quality kittens is not cheap. We do not cut corners on high-grade food, vaccinations, abundant living quarters, outstanding veterinarian care, grooming essentials, plentiful toys & exercise equipment and numerous other items go on and on. While we are sure that you can find “cheaper” kittens on the Internet, we are confident, you will not find higher quality ones. Due to the enormous amount of request for additional digital photos to be taken (Even though the ones posted on our site are clear, in focus and nicely displayed) we now charge for this service. Updated and/or additional digital photos range from $400-$500. This includes “casual – nothing fancy pictures.” This fee is to be paid in full prior to pictures being taken and does NOT come off the price of the kitten, it is for the digital photos only. Sorry, we do not offer cell phone pictures. E-Mail us if you would like to purchase additional digital photos. Updated photos for double coated kittens is $500. Updated photos for triple coated kittens (extremely long or thick hair, or a combination of both) is $500. The only way to lock in the current listed price is to place a deposit at that time. If new photos are taken and posted, the price WILL increase without notice. The new updated price of the kitten will be determined by the length of the photo shoot. If the customer requests new photos to be taken, the price will increase also. Kittens will not be held on verbal promisess & Conditions